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Marketing to Millennials

The massive surge of millennials as powerful buyers in the marketplace has forced companies and industries alike to re-examine everything they thought they knew about marketing. While some skeptics may wonder whether or not this approach is overkill, the fact remains that millennials are the most important group of consumers to come along in a…

The Right Way to do a Multi-Channel Direct Marketing Campaign

Six important dos … and don’ts! Many small and mid-sized business marketers play favorites when it comes to choosing marketing channels, but may not measure its effectiveness to evaluate whether or not it’s doing the job. Smart marketers know a “team effort” works best, and they capitalize on the strengths of multiple channels. Why? It…

The Mail ‘Habit’: Why Consumers Like Mailing Campaigns

A recent observational study commissioned by Canada Post aimed to understand how people interact with their mail. The results are eye-opening for marketers who may have questioned the value of traditional mailing campaigns in our highly digital world. Here are just a few of the findings that may have you thinking twice about your customer…